Artificial Mini Succulent - Venetian Red

Artificial Mini Succulent - Venetian Red

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Venetian Red Artificial Mini Succulent

Fluorescent lights, computer screens, a gray cubicle – no matter how much you love your job, working inside can get depressing. But there’s good news: adding a small red succulent to your desk can make all the difference.

On those long days in the office, a reminder of the outdoors can refresh your mind, improve your mood, and help you produce your best work. Plants have been proven to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. What’s better - while the stone base of this accessory is made from real rock, the plant is completely artificial, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of plants in the office without any of the stress of plant care.

We know that your job gives you plenty to think about. With our red succulent for sale, you can treat yourself to the energy-boosting and stress-reducing benefits of a desk plant today. Order now, and love the space you’ve crafted!

  • No maintenance
  • Real stone base
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