Many companies craft lively, harmonious working environments instead of opting for sterile cubicles. When you spend so much of your life at your desk, it’s wise to invest in things that lift your spirit. Desk plants aren’t just pretty to look at - they’re also scientifically proven to improve your concentration and mood. Not every office has the adequate amount of sunlight necessary for greenery to thrive, however, and coordinating care for desk plants can be a challenge for those who travel. The good news is that now you can reap the morale-boosting effects of mini potted cacti with stylish artificial succulents. Available in several natural-looking colors, artificial succulents bring nature’s beauty to your desk without any of the upkeep. Mini succulent plants are ideal desktop decor because they require no natural light, plant food or even water. Just remember to dust them off from time to time and your mini succulents in rocks or pots will look perky and fresh for years to come!
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