Bamboo iPhone stand

Bamboo iPhone stand

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Between your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet, we need eight hands instead of two. With our iPhone stand for your desk, calm your mind and start multitasking with ease. Now you can FaceTime, watch videos, read articles, and check emails – all without having to hold your phone the whole time.

This beautiful and functional iPhone holder is the perfect addition to your desk. Handcrafted from eco-friendly bamboo with a natural finish and minimalistic design, this stand adds some flare to your space without creating clutter. You’ll never lose your device under a pile of files again.

Our iPhone stand was created with versatility in mind, and can be used with iPhones, iPads, Samsung & Android devices. With its small, lightweight and sturdy design, it’s perfectly portable, making it the ideal phone holder for home desks, office desks, and wherever else you may need to multitask. Whatever your lifestyle may be, invest in a cleaner space and a calmer mind with our Bamboo iPhone stand.

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